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A Brief History of Trees - a poetry collection

Winner of the Live Canon Collection Competition 2020 and the Sophie Warne Award
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"With deep roots and wandering branches, Lawrence Illsley’s A Brief History of Trees is brilliantly arboreal in both form and matter, a psychologically acute odyssey through grief and history, with its stanzaic spine sometimes holding firm as a trunk, sometimes scattered and blown into leaves and flowers. Highly original, enticing and profound."
                     - Glyn Maxwell, nominated for the T.S. Eliot prize 2020 
"My intuition was right, these words go straight to the heart... I have to read it again and again" RYVISTA magazine 
                  "A beautiful Book" Sarah McQuaid
            "Wonderful" Sandra Wilden       "Profound and Beautiful" E Radcliffe 
    "Heartbreaking" Imogen Newton        "Beautifully Written" @dogknowscsl
                "So Poignant" Debbie Swann       "Recommended Reading" Mary Huggie
                               "A Wonderful Collection" @poetrycocktail
  "This collection touches me profoundly" Dinah Butler

Previous work:

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Shortlisted for the International Proverse Prize for Literature
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