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Trees was recorded at my mother’s house on the cliffs in Trewellard, Cornwall a year after she died.
After a year of living with grief I felt compelled to return to my childhood home one last time. I wanted to document and preserve the songs I used to share with my mother in front of the roaring fire in the living room. Those sessions were one of my last acts there. The songs surviving as a memento to that space.
The booklet contains original artwork and a specially written poem A hospital Birch, Trewellard inspired by the poems in my award winning collection A Brief History of Trees.
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Trees is complemented by the poetry in my collection A Brief History of Trees, which tells of the year leading up to this recording, shows where the songs came from - where they were played, honed and written - how they were sung for my mum and why they will forever remind me of our final months together. 
The album works in conversation with the collection. Two parts of the same elegy.
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